Say Cheese!: A Complete Guide to the Best iPhone Photo Organization Apps

Are your photos currently backed up? What were to happen if you broke your phone today and lost all the data stored on it. Would you lose years and years of photos that you leave sitting in your camera roll?

The average person has around 630 photos stored on their smartphone. That’s 630 memories that could be lost in the blink of an eye. This is why you need to use a photo organization app as a back-up storage solution.

Keep reading to discover the best iPhone photo organization apps so that you never lose a precious memory again.

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best iPhone photo apps out available.

When you use the app, all of your photos are stored chronologically just like in your camera roll. But, Google Photos also has a variety of search options, everything from location searching to facial recognition. So if you’re looking for all your photos taken at grandma’s house or a certain photo of Uncle Bob, you won’t need to remember the exact date it was taken.

You can create your own organization methods based on how you want to store your photos. Or, Google Photos also creates smart automatic albums just for you based on your photo history.

Before you sync your camera library to Google Photos, here’s how to recover deleted photos. That way you can sync the maximum number of photos available, ensuring every memory is safe and accessible.

Amazon Photos

Another great photo organizer app on iPhones is Amazon Photos. This app is great if you’re already an Amazon Prime member because it comes with unlimited photo storage.

Once you set up the auto-save feature, all of your photos are automatically uploaded to this app. From there, you can create your own albums or search through your library chronologically. You can even search by keyword, so typing in “dog” would quickly bring up all your amazing pet portraits.

One of the best parts about Amazon Photos is that it lets you share albums with other users. These users can then download the photos to their own phones or add in their own photos. This is great for big events like weddings or birthdays when you have multiple people taking photos but want them all stored in one location.


If you’re looking for innovative iPhone photo tools, you need to download Slidebox – Photo Manager.

You can create as many photo albums in this app as your heart desires, and it only takes one click to add a new photo to the album. This feature will help you quickly organize your photos, without having to sort through your whole camera roll each time. In addition, you can mark different photos as your “favorites,” making them even easier to find at a later date.

Slidebox takes the organization a step further by letting you quickly trash unwanted or duplicate photos with a simple finger swipe. You can also use the compare feature to decide which photo is your favorite out of a series of similar photos.


If you’re overwhelmed about how to organize photos on iPhones, Dropbox may be the perfect solution for you.

Dropbox is a favorite of professionals for work-related storage and backup, but it’s great even for the casual user. You can create your own folders, and even create subfolders within folders. This allows you to get as organized and detailed as your heart desires.

In addition to storing your photos in the Cloud, you can also easily share them through Dropbox. Create a special link or password so that only certain people have access to your folders. Then, adjust your settings based on whether you want people to be able to add to the folders or merely view the photos.

The great thing about Dropbox is that its compatible with all different devices. So you can upload photos from your phone, computer, and tablet all to the same Dropbox folders. Then, when you’re searching for a certain photo, no matter where it was originally stored, you can access it through your Dropbox app.


FamilyAlbum is a great option if you love to capture memories but don’t love the idea of posting your photos for anyone to see. In today’s digital age, it’s hard to protect your children and family members from having their photos shared on all social media platforms. But, if you still want to share your memories with a select few, FamilyAlbum can help.

First and foremost, this app acts as a photo storage app. Every photo is automatically sorted by chronological date. But, if you add-in the birthdays of your children, it will also sort photos by your child’s age. You can even create physical photobooks within the app to be printed and delivered to your doorstep so your photos can be displayed outside of your phone.

Each album you create is completely private. You get to invite certain friends and family members to view your albums. This invite will allow them to access a certain album or photo — leaving other albums private and preventing them from sharing with others.

Which iPhone Photo Organization App Will You Pick?

After reading this article, all that’s left to do is pick the iPhone photo organization app that will work best for your lifestyle.

Regardless of what app you choose, make sure to download it immediately and safely store your photos. Then, if something happens to your phone, you can log into the app on a different device and find all your photos. Or, if you’re just looking for a specific photo, you’ll be able to find it within seconds thanks to the organizational help of these apps.

Wondering what other areas of your life you can organize with your smartphone? Be sure to head to the Mobile Apps section of this site for all the latest app reviews and recommendations.

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