How to select the best Android keylogger app?

The more your kids stay online, the higher are their chances of encountering dangerous people. That is why it’s necessary to set boundaries when for your kids when they start surfing the internet on their own. However, keeping an eye on them can give you an assurance that they are away from all the inappropriate content and are on the right path.

With all the online bullying and cybercrime around the world, the internet can’t be considered a safe place for kids. And especially without the supervision of the parents, kids can let them into any danger without realizing it. So, using a keylogger app can help you keep tabs on your children. The ideal software lets you have a wide range of information on their online activities.

Many apps are introduced in the market to help parents. Though these apps can’t control all the misfortunes, but can surely make parents’ duties easier. When the kids are growing, they ask for more freedom and independence. With the help of these monitoring apps, you can let them enjoy while ensuring their safety. Choosing the right software that fulfills all the required needs is a challenging task. Most of the monitoring apps in the market don’t have a return policy, so make sure the app that you choose to check all the required feature boxes.

In the article, you will see the criteria of the best Android keylogging software, along with the description of the most selling and reliable monitoring and keylogging software, XNSPY.

How to choose an Android Keylogging App?

In the present digitally-enhanced era, monitoring has become more accessible than ever. These apps now have many advanced features that can help you in incredible ways. Thus, it has become a difficult task to choose the best monitoring app. So, let’s take a look at the points that you must consider while selecting the right Android keylogging software. 

1. Easy to install

The foremost point to keep in mind while looking for the ideal app is checking how easy the installation process is. Most of the apps do not need any physical access for installation. You can install the app remotely.

2. Simpler to use

Any app that you choose should be convenient to use and easy to navigate. If the software has a complex structure, it might create other challenges for you.

3. Advanced functionalities

The chief function of keylogging software is to have an ability to check all the text messages, emails, or anything that gets typed on the phone. You can keep track of all the activities on instant messengers or social media apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. While opting for the ideal Android keylogging software, you should prioritize looking at the keylogging function the most.

However, the other features that it could have can be the monitoring of the web activities, location tracking, call logs, and remote control (you can block or delete any apps you want from the targeted device). A good keylogger software usually offers all of these features as well.

4. Noticeability

The keylogging app records the keystrokes made on the targeted device and gets the information to you. It works in a stealth mode without the person knowing about it.

One of the most legitimate points to consider choosing an app is its stealth mode. The target device shouldn’t detect the installed app. If the app doesn’t have this required feature, you must skip it.

All of these qualities add up to give us the best Android keylogging software. XNSPY is one of the best-selling apps with all the points mentioned above. Let’s take a quick look at the detailed review of this software:

XNSPY – Best Android Keylogging Software

XNSPY has become a well-known Android keylogging software in the market because of its in-demand features and affordable pricing.

Since almost every person has access to the internet, it’s essential to keep an eye out for the safety of your loved ones. XNPSY, with its keylogging feature, gives you real insights into the targeted device. This tool helps to record all the keystrokes of the device you want to monitor. It is considered as digital surveillance as it reveals all the clicks, downloads, conversations, and other activities taking place on the phone. Using XNSPY, you can know everything, from call logs to their accounts credentials and even their web history. Here’s a quick view of some of the features that XNSPY offers:


With its keylogging feature, you can check the keystrokes of the target device within different instant messaging apps. It records all the clicks made on the targeted device’s keyboard and lets you see all the collected data using your web account. It works with Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype.

You can check the detailed web history and make sure that your child doesn’t encounter anything inappropriate for his age. XNSPY is an Android keylogging software that provides a control panel from where you can remotely control all the collected data.

Call tracking

You can monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls on the targeted device using this feature. You get an organized list with details of every call’s date, time, and duration. You can also record conversations and download them to your phones as well.

GPS tracking

The GPS tracking feature lets you check and track the exact location of the targeted device. Along with the current location, you can check the location history of the device as well. Moreover, XNSPY offers another valuable feature called geofencing. It lets you mark any region on the maps and send you alerts if the phone goes near or within the mentioned area. This feature can be helpful for parents who want to keep track of their kids’ locations.

IM/Social media monitoring

Our lives revolve around social media and social networking apps. XNSPY cannot only monitor instant messages, but it also lets you track social media activities. You can view text messages, photos and videos, and much more on social platforms through this feature. If you are worried about your child’s online participation, you can use this feature to track their activities.

Online activities

You can view all the online activities on the targeted device, such as bookmarked pages, browsing history, exchanged emails, and much more. In this way, you can make sure that your child stays within the safer zone online.

Multimedia & app management

XNSPY allows you to see all the saved photos and videos saved on the phone. You can download any picture or video on your phone as well. On the other hand, XNPSY lets you manage the installed apps on the targeted phone as well. Parents can use this feature to block inappropriate apps or content from their child’s phones.

Remote control

The remote control feature lets you control the targeted device remotely. For example, you can take screenshots, record the surroundings, and lock the targeted device whenever you want. It even lets you delete the data in case of theft.

Instant alerts

Another unique feature that makes XNPSY the most-selling Android keylogging software is its instant alerts. Many other apps promise such this function but fail when it comes to operating. It gives you three different watch lists to add any words to it. It can be words, locations, or contacts. Once you have added any data to these watch lists, you will start getting alerts the moment XNPSY detects any relevant activity.

Compatibility and affordability

XNSPY is compatible with all the Android devices running on the Android version above 4.0.

It is the most affordable monitoring software in the market that offers two subscription models. The first version costs USD 4.99 per month. However, to enjoy all the features, you will have to buy the premium package that costs USD 7.29 per month.

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