iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows- An Advisable BitLocker Recovery Software

iBoysoft Data Recovery is a tool that helps the users recover lost and deleted files. Even if the lost data was encrypted by BitLocker, it can successfully recover it.

Data is the core element of any business strategy today. Without the right data, a business cannot move in a single step. In fact, business decision-making bodies are directly dependent on the data to make business decisions.

Seeing how data is an important aspect, it is important that you have data recovery software in your data management strategy to ensure you get back your lost data. With the data recovery strategy, companies are becoming more cautious about the authorization of the data.

Encryption of the data is not limited to commercial use only. In fact, individuals encrypt them so that nobody accesses photos and videos without their consent.

With that said, today, we will discuss the BitLocker encryption and how iBoysoft Data Recovery allows its user to recover data even after they are encrypted with BitLocker.

What Is BitLocker Drive Encryption?

BitLocker is a security feature user can add to their Windows operating system to encrypt all their system data. It offers a primary level of security layer over all the data where the user needs to have a password to access the respective data.

The sole purpose of BitLocker is to offer users a feature that allows them to encrypt hard drives, files, and folders. By encrypting your files with BitLocker, others cannot see the files.

The services of the BitLocker are not limited to the internal hard disc, but it also expands its services to all the external hard drive and secondary storage devices.

In addition to that, BitLocker also keeps track of the windows performance; if they find that the computer start-up process has any problem, it instantly encrypts all the system data.

Best BitLocker Data Recovery Software

Once you have lost data that BitLocker has encrypted, the only way you can recover the lost data is by taking help from a reliable data recovery software. When we say reliable, we mean taking full responsibility for recovering lost data.

Keeping the requirement in our mind, we can think of only one data recovery software, iBoysoft Data Recovery. It has proven itself to be the best BitLocker encrypted data recovery software.

This software is a complete package of data recovery. No matter what that cause and what type of data you have lost during the process, you can recover them all with ease.

Just follow the steps and recover the lost data from BitLocker encrypted drives.

Step 1: Download iBoysoft Data Recovery

Like any other software tool, you first need to download it. While you are downloading iBoysoft Data Recovery, ensure that you are using only the official website. Downloading from any third-party website can result in virus-infected software.

Step 2: Launch iBoysoft Data Recovery

Once you’ve downloaded the software, launch the software to enter into its main software interface. The moment you enter the interface, you will see all the available drives in the system.

Step 3: Select and Scan the BitLocker Encrypted Hard Disk

The next step after selecting the drive from where you want to recover the data, you need to start scanning the drive. The process is very simple. You have two options, either to go with a Deep scan or a Quick scan. Then you need to provide the password or recovery key of the BitLocker encrypted drive and click OK. Finally, the software will start scanning for the lost data.

Note: Deep scans mostly focus on the data that has been lost ages ago or has no access to. On the other hand, Quick can recover recently lost or deleted data.

Step 4: Preview the results

Once the scanning process is completed, all the results will be shown on your screen. Select the data you want to recover.

Step 5: Recover the lost files from BitLocker Encrypted Disk

Finally, click Recover. This process is similar to downloading the file from the internet. Here the only difference is that you are downloading files from your system that have been lost.


iBoysoft Data Recovery is really something else and is made with a different piece of cloth than its peers. It offers encrypted data recovery solutions for various logical data loss scenarios, such as disk corruption, ransomware attack, decrypt error, etc. In addition to the BitLocker data recovery mentioned in the article, this powerful tool can also be used for Mac data recovery from APFS encrypted disks.

Despite only having a limited experience in the field, it perfectly knows what its customers need and is certainly offering everything without any issues.

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