New Trends to Watch in Elevator Technology

Urbanization and innovations have affected all spheres of life, including the world of elevators. For both residential and commercial purposes, the modern demand for energy-efficient, space-saving, sustainable, low maintenance, and time-efficient elevators has propelled various innovations in the elevator market.

Most of these lifts, however, require thorough care and maintenance. After all, as S&D Lifts puts it, “keeping your product well maintained is an essential part of ensuring your equipment’s longevity”. In this article, we will look at the noteworthy trends effectively improving the industry for good.

Contactless Technology

Lately, there’s been an introduction of elevators with QR codes. These codes are what facilitate contactless technology. But how does this work? You see, this innovation allows people to select their destination floor by simply scanning codes. This completely removes the need to come in contact with buttons or any other part of an elevator. Especially now that we are in a post-pandemic world, these elevators with QR codes can minimize our contact with random objects (and people,) thus helping us avoid health risks.

Energy Efficient Elevators

These elevators are also called green elevators. Manufacturers use lightweight, lubrication-free, PU-coated steel belts in these lifts and elevators. Conventional elevators tend to use steel wire ropes, but these latest elevator innovations use coated steel belts because it increases energy efficiency. These elevators not only work to reduce energy consumption but also facilitate energy recovery as well.

Green elevators control load weighing capacity to conserve energy. This is because elevators that carry more than 50% of their normal weight tend to use more energy. Therefore, the system will check and balance the number of people it can lift before working, thereby conserving energy.

Smart Connectivity

Smart elevators are the future for elevators. These elevators are internet-connected. Their cloud connectivity or sensors will allow you to detect possible breakdowns even before it takes place. This predictive maintenance technology will facilitate quick analyses, identification, and resolution of problems for better service.

Also, these intelligent elevators are equipped with effective and easy-to-use communication technology. The interactive touch panel is one of the systems put in place. It provides emergency call technology in the case of an emergency, system monitoring, and even passenger entertainment. This facilitates better communication among equipment, customers, passengers, and technicians in the building.

Twin Elevator System

This new trend just became an efficient way of resolving traffic in busy places in a much faster and efficient manner. The twin elevator system works so that they are placed in the same shaft but are independent of each other. A device monitors the distance between both elevators to keep them from bumping into each other. During peak traffic periods, this design helps reduce passenger wait time and helps passengers get to their destination on time.

Cable-less Elevator

This type of elevator has grown famous fast in the elevator community. You’ll find them the most in mega skyrise buildings because of their ability to move horizontally and vertically. Cable-free elevators are energy efficient and reduce the impact of carbon footprint.

Intuitive Elevators

Elevators like this are intuitive enough to help commuters commute faster and easier. They do this through their smart grouping and destination-based intuitive technology. They intelligently assist passengers in selecting what elevators will be the best choice when trying to reach a destination at the least transit time.

With these new trends, elevator technology has become even more service effective and efficient. And with time, we predict that even more innovations are likely to be developed. This way, conformation to the new market will only mean better and efficient.

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