Top 5 handy academic software for students to make your studying easier

In the process of academic studying, we can face various problems, fortunately, now there are a lot of ​​applications that will help us with solving these problems. Learn a language, focus attention, memorize concepts – an application has already been invented to solve each of these tasks.

Application developers greatly simplify the task for us – now schoolchildren, students or people who are simply interested in learning are more efficient in their homework, self-development and achieve their goals in education. We have selected the best, in our opinion, applications for your smartphone, thanks to which you will love studying and provide tips on editing.

A few words about essay editor services

Academic editing services online are very popular these days. College students are very busy working and having families of their own, which makes it to where they need a professional editor to edit their papers and is suitable better than anything.


It is probably one of the best apps for attention concentration in college life for every student. You set a certain time that you need to complete any task, along with this you “plant” a tree. This motivates you to put down your phone and work – after all, if you enter a prohibited application, your tree dies.


This is a professional and perfect app for anyone with math problems! Using it, you can take pictures of examples and select several solution methods, while receiving step-by-step explanations. There is also a smart calculator in the application, which is much more convenient to work with than with a regular one.


An application in which it is convenient to draw up and edit your individual schedule with all additional activities, write down the dates you need (for example, exam dates), homework materials, or just take notes.


This is one of our favorite and most popular apps among pupils and students. With its help, you can create cards on absolutely any subject: be it English or history. Moreover, you can use cards of other users (which is often practiced among online teachers). In the preparation process, you can use tools such as memorization, writing, selection, flashcards, and a test. The app shows your progress.

BBC learning English

This is the app for those who are not native speakers. The application is aimed at learning English. It actually makes the learning process interesting and unusual: you can listen to podcasts, watch videos, take tests or practice offline. The functionality and information content are truly mesmerizing! By practicing the app every day, you will soon see clear progress in your learning.

More handy apps for you to pay attention to be able to make a personal statement

To make a personal statement properly, you need a personal statement editor  to provide editing service so your paper looks well. is the company where each college editor is a magician of sorts ready to edit anything you as a student are assigned to do.


This is another academic application for learning a foreign language. You can choose the course you are interested in (English, German, Spanish, French) and the level of difficulty. The course can be studied from the basics to complex tasks, limited lives are additional motivation.


This application allows you to build good habits on a daily basis online. Initially, you take a small test to determine your level of happiness, and then you improve each of the areas of your life. With this app, you will visualize your goals, balance your life and fulfill your daily plans.


This is your professional time management assistant. You can schedule your day to the minute, make a shopping list and set reminders. Another handy feature is the ability to share notes with others so you can get work done together. The app syncs from your phone to your computer.


This application was named for obvious reasons: watching a variety of TED lectures on a cool platform. You can find any topics you are interested in, for example, how to write an admission essay, or how to make a personal statement and watch lectures with or without subtitles.


This is a great brain exercise for college students. The app has 25 memory and concentration exercises with which you can train different areas of the brain (attentiveness, speed, logical thinking and memory). Learn your strengths and work on your weaknesses!

We hope you have learned new applications for yourself that will make the process of your education better and more complete. Alone with editing service. Learn, develop and have fun, because today everything helps us in this and expert editors are always eager to help with proofreading or if you need to edit your document.

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